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About Us : OASPE

In the OASPE we believe that sports are not luxurious! That’s why we created the site goldencup.gr. Our goal is always to offer the best services at a cost that meets the current conditions, so that all clubs can include in their annual schedule participation in at least one sporting event!

At goldencup.gr we are committed to discovering, creating and bringing to your … what is new and innovative as a service in sports events.

A great variety of competitions, new challenges and forms of group sports, programs for every age and competitive level await you to discover!

We are waiting for you to find the ideal football event, tournament and friendly match that suits your team and its goals.

Writing History

Since April 2010 and in a very short space of time, seasonal Golden Cup tournaments have made their presence felt particularly in the field of football divisions, being the fastest growing brand name event in Greece.

Having established a leading position in the domestic market and having written their own story by hosting thousands of children, the Golden Cup … surpasses themselves by giving their name to another creation!

From May 2018 goldencup.gr marks the start of custom made events in Greece, while opening the border for an international event in Thessaloniki organizing the largest scouting camp!

High Quality Services

A major element of the Golden Cup’s overall policy for a general vision of OASPE for everyone to participate in recreational sports is to provide high quality services accessible to all.

The support of our members, combined with our personal desire to meet their demands to the fullest, prompt us to constantly improve our services by choosing the best hotels and the most modern sports centers to stay worthy of their confidence .

What makes us stand out is our constant adaptation to the constantly evolving facts of Greek reality, the use of alternative proposals for group football programs aimed, in addition to the joy of participation, cultural experience.

The human resources of OASPE are the foundation upon which the excellent service of the clubs is built, offering experiences that are unforgettable to everyone.

We look forward to choosing together the organization that suits your club philosophy!

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