The Organization for the Development of Soccer Schools of Greece (OASPE), within the framework of the continuous improvement of its services to the sports clubs, created and offered “Same day” custom made events, adapted to the measures and philosophy of each team!

For more than 10 years, we all set up OASPE, organizing sports events and events, offering unique experiences that are unforgettable to everyone …

What are “Same Day” integrated services

These are daily football tours, in which the date and time of their choices are chosen by the teams themselves according to their needs and scheduling!

The missions travel from their place of residence to Thessaloniki, where in modern sports centers are held the planned games, for which OASPE has taken care of.
The choices are many and adapted according to the needs of each club.

The travel agencies with which OASPE cooperates, </ strong>, offer integrated services, while the people who support the Organization undertake to organize and conduct friendly matches in consultation with the club’s official.

OASPE’s long-standing football tournament experience, </ strong>, guarantees the perfect planning of any sporting excursion, the priority being to direct service and satisfaction </ strong> the wishes of young footballers and their coaches.

Selected moving fleet
If missions do not have their own means of transport, OASPE proposes the largest and safest luxury coach fleet with which it works.

The fleet is a high-end choice with experienced drivers willing to serve in every situation and ready to offer comfortable, enjoyable and safe travels.

Events … cut and stitched at your feet!
Designing and implementing a sports tour is not a simple matter.</ strong>We create soccer routes according to the requirements of the responsible persons taking care of every detail that covers the most demanding club.

Your confidence classifies us with a difference in number of traveling athletes and so we can offer the most competitive prices with our main focus always on the quality of the services provided!

What are the “One Day” events?
Programs tailored to each club separately
Direct Service
Organized football matches in a modern sports center in Thessaloniki
Selecting opponents according to the category and age of the athletes <
Presence of doctors and referees on the pitch
Presence of an experienced OASPE member
Ensure reduced group tickets to shows and actions
Watch Official Racing
Acceptance from the place of residence and
Transportation by road to Thessaloniki with experienced drivers and
Return by car to the place of stay
Special rates and discounts in theme parks (eg Magic Park, Waterland, etc.)
Group tickets and boat rides to Thermaikos Gulf
Participation fee
Only with 10 € / athlete
Free participation in department coaches
Special rates for large groups
Prices for road journeys are adjusted according to distance and individuals
Affordable meals
Have fun and good mood and let us organize a day-long sporting trip that will be memorable! We are waiting for you!

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