Women's Soccer Tournament "Ladies Stars"

Driving the special program of development and distribution of UEFA, “Women’s Football Development”, which is officially registered by the EPO, OASPE has put women’s football as one of its main concerns.

The main goal of the Football Organization Development Agency of Greece, is the organization and institutionalization of Pan-Hellenic Soccer Tournaments for Girls’ Soccer Academies as well as Women’s Football Associations, with the title of Golden Cup – Ladies Stars throughout the year.

Organizations gender: Female

Ladies Stars Tournaments are held in Thessaloniki and concern all categories of women’s football. We create programs according to the needs of the groups that adapt to their measures.
They are held under the auspices of EPC Macedonia, the Thessaloniki Football Coaches Association, the Central Macedonia Region, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and other important players.

Purpose of the events Ladies Stars in addition to the competitive improvement of the athletes, is the participation in the entertainment offered by the sport as well as the enhancement of the noble competition, the promotion of friendship, the development of relationships and the exchange of experience between coaches and women responsible for Women’s Football.

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