What are “Friendly Weekends”?

“Friendly weekends” means Out-of-home football! Games that mark fun and game in conjunction with Culture, Education, Socialization and Talent!

Athletic clubs from all over Greece and abroad can now travel to Thessaloniki on their choice day and regardless of official events and tournaments, participate in football matches of a friendly nature at the level they want! As part of their stay, they will stay in selected luxury hotels with full board, enjoying the beauty of the Northern Brides!

The service is for all boys and girls, as well as mixed divisions.
We are at your disposal to discuss every aspect that will make your trip absolutely successful, leaving the best memories to everyone!

Remember: “Whatever the purpose of your” Friendly Weekends ” with us you will find the ideal solution according to the philosophy governing your team! “

Land Facilities & Opponent Groups

“Friendly weekends” are held in Thessaloniki on selected and modern day facilities. The choice of stadiums is made by OASPE, depending on the season, the racing divisions, the number of athletes as well as the availability of sports centers. The selection of opponents is made by the organizing committee of OASPE based on the availability of the local clubs, the level of the score of the guests.

Of course, the groups concerned can freely “close” their opponents, leaving organizational responsibility to the OASPE. All Golden Cup programs are tailored to the needs of each club.

Sample Program


Arrival of teams in Thessaloniki

Arrange in your hotel selection

Lunch at the hotel in buffet style

Racing action Dinner at the hotel in buffet style


Breakfast at the hotel

Racing action

Time free for an optional recreational event

Departure and return

What you need to look out for

Participation fee starts from 40€ per person
Full board accommodation in luxurious 4* hotels
Free participation of one (1) coach per team
Each club that participates should bring a medical list for athletes
By signing up, the team is required to make an advance payment for booking the rooms and pay the total amount upon arrival.

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