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What to watch out for

  • Each participating academy should provide health status to its players.
  • The organizer is relieved of responsibility for any injury during the races.
  • The organizer disclaims liability for any material damage during the events of which it is responsible
  • With their participation, the teams accept and make the OASPE Organizing Committee the only body responsible for resolving racist disputes.
  • Team leaders are required to take appropriate measures to prevent and suppress acts that disfigure the sport or cause public sentiment and are responsible for any unsportsmanlike action or misbehavior of footballers, coaches and members of their missions.
  • Possible damages caused by the participants are the responsibility of the participants and paid locally to the owner who suffered the damage </ span> according to the regulations of each business.
  • For this reason, please be careful!
  • Athletes should use the appropriate grid shoes as the races are conducted on synthetic turf.
  • No athlete will be involved in a match without protective caps and a goalkeeper without special gloves! Also, the leader must wear a distinctive or armband
  • In each game a match sheet is produced which lists the teams, the date, the result, the scorers per team, the distinguished ones as well as other comments such as unsportsmanlike actions by players, coaches, even parents / fans of the contestants.
  • Up to 5 changes per race allowed.
  • Footballer / replacements can not be reused.
  • In the event of a tie in each category, the goal count (difference to and fro) counts, so that after knockout teams participate in the small and big finals. Although if there is still a tie and the teams have scored the same number of goals, then they will count the game between them. In the event of a tie, a penalty shootout (with the procedure provided by the CFP) will be applied. The penalties imposed are for racing blocking penalties from the tournament.
  • Direct Red Card means elimination from the continuation of the match (non-replacement of the player).
  • A red card for a legal action, a vulgar rivaling of an opponent or an arbitrator implies exclusion from the tournament.
  • The teams must be on the field at least 20 minutes before the start of the matches

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